Unlike most clubs, we don't specialize in any particular type of trip, such as whitewater or sea-kayaking. We organize as wide a variety of trips as possible. Our emphasis is on quality trips in areas that are at least reasonably close to wild. Rarely will we be paddling past people's backyards.
We encourage safe boating practices (including the providing of informal instruction), respect for the environment, and tolerance for the beliefs of others.
We have participants of all ages and paddling skill levels, from beginner to expert. They represent a broad cross-section of cultural, economic and religious backgrounds. Trip participants include couples, singles, and families. We welcome individuals, couples and families who have a desire enjoy the outdoors naturally via canoe.
We generally run at least one trip each month, often more during spring/summer/fall, with about an even distribution of day trips and two to three day-long canoe camping trips. The overnight trips usually involve camping in primitive campsites. Most of our trips are in the New Jersey area, but when there is enough interest, we run a longer trip (one to two weeks in duration) in more distant locations- such as the Everglades (FL), Assateague (MD), Adirondacks (NY) or the Allagash (ME).