As a prospective participant or just curious, you are probably wondering what to expect if you participate in one of our canoe trips and what is expected of you.

Most of this might sound dumb or condescending, but there is a huge segmentof the population that has absolutely no outdoor skills at all and a similarly large group that has the wrong idea of what Naturisim is all about.

We are serious paddlers. Don't plan on a lazy drift downriver with a six-pack of beer. In fact, alcohol is prohibited on all our trips for safety reasons.

We are not a livery service. Although we can often arrange canoe rentals and sometimes arrange for a borrowed canoe, we don't supply canoes. Also you should expect to help out with things like shuttling vehicles to the takeout.

We don't do group meals or have the assigned camp chores that tend to go with them.

We are not a guide service. We don't supply meals and don't set up your tents.

For the most part, our trips are individual effort. You will have to have and transport your own canoe, supply and prepare all your own food and supply and set up all your camping gear on camping trips. We can offer advice on what equipment you need, show you how to use it.

We are not a dating service. Don't expect to hook up with someone on one of our canoe trips.

We are familly friendly. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

We are diverse. Real diversity, not that middle of the bell curve pseudo-diversity that passes for real diversity these days.

We started out as a Naturist group, canoeing to the best skinny-dipping spots. Later on we realized the the canoeing was as much fun as the skinny-dipping. Over the years as we got better at the canoeing and the quality of the canoeing took precidence over the skinny-dipping. Quality canoe trips are now our first priority, but even in the winter, don't be surprised if somebody skinny-dips.

There is a reason the the word "canoe" is in our name. Our trips are based on canoe capabilities. On easy trips it makes little difference if you paddle a canoe or kayak. On the more difficult trips the differences between the two become more apparent and the kayak paddlers have problems. For more information on the differences between canoes and kayaks see our kayaking page.

For safety reasons we paddle as a group. There really is safety in numbers.

We don't rush downriver back to the cars. What is the point of going canoeing for the day if you are done by lunch time? You need to bring adequate food water and clothing for the whole day. There is no reason to be wet, cold, thirsty or hungry all day.

We expect you to be prepared. If you don't know what you need to bring, ask.

If you have a serious medical condition, let the trip leader know. A spare rescue inhaler in another canoe is more important to an asthmatic than spare car keys.