River Safety Tips
WEAR YOUR LIFE JACKET; very few people have drowned when wearing one.
DON'T MIX ALCOHOL WITH WATER; good reflexes and balance are needed when canoeing.
STAY ON THE UPSTREAM SIDE OF A CAPSIZED CANOE. A canoe full of water can weigh nearly a ton; you could be crushed against a downstream obstacle.
STAY WITH YOUR CANOE; a capsized canoe will float and it is generally safer than swimming to shore.
DO NOT ATTEMPT TO STAND UP IN FAST WATER; your feet may become trapped and the current could force you under.
DON'T BUNCH UP IN RAPIDS; let each canoe complete a narrow run before the next canoe enters.
DON'T PASS THE LEAD CANOE; when canoeing with a group, stay with the group.
LEARN THE PROPER TECHNIQUES AND SKILLS; Nothing prevents injuries and increases enjoyment like knowing what to do and being skilled enough to do it.